The NSTA Review of Echo Meter Touch

Echo Meter Touch for Education

“This outstanding device enhances instruction and motivates students to learn more about bats.”

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Echo Meter Touch

Helena Bat Group shows the Echo Meter Touch in action on their Facebook page.

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NHBS Overview Video

Echo Meter Touch

Here's an informative video by NHBS showing the many features of Echo Meter Touch.

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Echo Meter Touch for Education

The science of bioacoustics now in your classroom.

Tech and Learning Magazine

“The Echo Meter Touch and curriculum guide make it easy to get a complete understanding of bats. The use of this technology lends itself the many facets of a science curriculum...”

Scholastic Instructor Magazine

“... the Echo Meter Touch ends up being an economical way to teach about one of the marvels of nature.” 'A' RATING.


Wildlife Acoustics and Bat Conservation International have teamed up to bring you a complete solution for teaching your students about bioacoustics – the exciting science of understanding our natural world through sound.

Your lessons will revolve around one of the most intriguing uses of sound in nature – bat echolocations. The system includes everything you need to make learning fun and engaging: Hardware, software and a comprehensive curriculum guide.

Ultrasonic is now ultra cool!

Echo Meter Touch brings the science of bioacoustics to life by helping students identify the bat species flying over their heads. The bats’ ultrasonic echolocations are translated into sounds the students can hear in real-time. The software lets them record the echolocations for playback or classroom. It all combines to make learning more engaging, fun – and just plain cool!

Echo Meter Touch
  • Easy to use hardware and software made for Apple iPad and iPhone.
  • Stunning, full-color, zoomable spectrograms.
  • Listen to bats while you record them – all in real-time.
  • Automatically identify the species of bat based on its echolocation.
  • Logs the GPS location of recordings and path for later review.
The Discover Bats! Curriculum Guide and DVD

The Curriculum Guide

The Discover Bats! Curriculum Guide and DVD bring bat biology to life with dozens of detailed lessons on bat species, habitats and biology. Each Discover Bats! book comes with a Quick Start Guide. You get a school week’s worth of lessons. Nicely organized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, the Quick Start Guide provides easy-to-follow lesson plans, applicable to grade school, middle school and high school science and biology class needs.

Echo Meter Touch

The Hardware: Big brain in a tiny box.

Echo Meter Touch

The Ultrasonic Module is a core component of Echo Meter Touch. Its built-in ultrasonic microphone senses ultrasonic signals up to 125 kHz. The Module digitizes the signal and transmits the ultrasonic data to the iPad or iPhone. Simply plug the Ultrasonic Module into the Lightning Connector of your iOS device and you can immediately start monitoring, recording and analyzing bat echolocations.


The Software: Fun, engaging and easy to use.

Echo Meter Touch

Something remarkable about the spectrogram. The full-color spectrogram is incredibly detailed and easy to view. You can scroll through call data with a swipe of your finger. Pinch and zoom the spectrograms for different views while you continue to monitor and record.

Download on the Apple App Store

The Echo Meter Touch app is free in the Apple App Store. Its full-color spectrogram shows real-time information about the frequency and duration of bat echolocations. Scroll through echolocations with a swipe of your finger. Pinch and zoom the spectrogram for different views while you continue to listen to and record bats in your area.

The Wi-Fi Export feature lets you export bat recordings via wi-fi or iTunes on your computer. If GPS is activated on your device, Echo Meter Touch will tag your recordings with useful location data.

The Echo Meter Touch Bat Auto-ID feature feature lets you quickly and accurately identify which bats species are near you.