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Birding with Technology: Q&A with David Sibley

Birding with Technology: Q&A with David Sibley

Ornithologist David Allen Sibley, author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds and illustrator for our Song Sleuth app, is widely considered to be one of the foremost authorities on North American birds.

While he collaborated with us, providing the beautiful artwork featured in our app, we decided to ask him about what he thought of technical birding tools, the future of birding, and whether or not he thinks he could outperform Song Sleuth (of course he can). 

Q: As a kid, what was the most meaningful piece of gear for you as a birder?

David Sibley: The most meaningful, for me, was my sketchbook. Sketching is how i really engage with birds. Just going out searching and watching is rewarding and fun, but my most memorable and satisfying experiences involve drawing.

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Birdsong

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Birdsong

February is not only the month of love, but it also signals that spring is right around the corner. Soon your backyard with be filled with the sounds of the season, and what sounds are more melodious than those of song birds? 

Here are 4 fast facts that just may help you fall in love with bird songs: 

1. Nearly half of the 10,000 birds in the world sing songs, and each of those birds has a repertoire of songs its sings. For some birds, it’s one song and for others, it's dozens or even hundreds! 


Get Field-Ready With This Checklist

Get Field-Ready With This Checklist

If your Song Meters are in from the field, winter is an excellent time to make sure they're ready for this spring.

Here's a short checklist to help you prepare:

  • If you have our ultrasonic equipment, check your SM3BAT, SM2BAT+, Echo Meter Touch, Echo Meter EM3 recorders and ultrasonic microphones with our Ultrasonic Calibrator. And if you don’t have our Calibrator, add it to your field kit.
  • Make sure you have cable extensions for your SM2+/SM2BAT+ microphone.
  • Look for any evidence of physical damage and/or water intrusion to your Song Meters.
  • Check, and if necessary, replace the batteries in your Song Meter recorders.
  • Check your windscreens for wear and tear. Order extra for the upcoming season.

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