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5 ways to fund citizen science in your classroom

We’ve just unveiled one of the coolest citizen science/Ed-tech tools for the classroom. The Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector

Check out teachers’ reactions at NSTA 2014 here:

The device, which is $499 (and comes with an additional educator’s $75 rebate for the App Store) had many teachers asking: “How can I get funding for one ASAP?”

Well, look no further. We’ve put together a list of some great resources to get you started on acquiring your very own Echo Meter Touch so you can be the hero of your classroom!


One of the most popular ways to raise money these days is through crowdfunding, or compiling many small donations from a large amount of people. It’s no surprise that this method of funding has made its way to education. This approach tends to be less paperwork intensive than grant work, but it requires enthusiasm and persistence!


A brand new crowdfunding site for the classroom- Create an account and build your crowdfunding project step-by-step. Add photos, videos, and descriptions to make your project stand out. Plenty of resources on the site allow you to reach out to a wide audience and meet your goals!

AfterSchool Alliance

Though they point out that this is not a comprehensive list, they lay out some of the biggest pools of funding for STEM education as well as a Know Your Funders Guide for tips and tricks on writing a winning proposal.


This isn’t just one resource. It has links to MANY different grants that you can apply to for STEM projects at your school. Take a look at their page, read the descriptions, and see what best suits your school’s needs.


Again, this site is an online compilation of grants for STEM education. An added bonus is that the site allows you to search by the grant source, grade level, and most recently posted grants.

As you can see from these lists, there are endless funding options for tenacious teachers. Your high tech classroom could be just a few clicks away!

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