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We're giving $5,000 back to bats!

We're giving $5,000 back to bats!

Thanks to you, we are donating $5,000 to bat conservation.

In late 2017, the release of iOS 11 caused first generation Echo Meter Touch modules to suddenly stop working (Echo Meter Touch 2 and Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro were unaffected by the update). While Apple assured us they were working on a solution, we also came up with a firmware fix so that our customers could get right back to recording bats as soon as possible. This meant, however, that some owners of the first generation Echo Meter Touch had to send their modules back to us or to one of our service centers.

We decided to create an incentive for customers to send back their modules by pledging to donate $10 USD for every Echo Meter Touch returned before January 31, 2018.  

How to Pick a Birding Festival

How to Pick a Birding Festival

Whether you're brand new to birding or you plan your travel around your life list, birding festivals can be a great way to get excited about the coming year. 

But with hundreds of birding festivals to choose from, it can be a daunting task to narrow down your options. 

Here are some tips to shorten your search and ease the planning process:

Birding with Technology: Q&A with David Sibley

Birding with Technology: Q&A with David Sibley

Ornithologist David Allen Sibley, author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds and illustrator for our Song Sleuth app, is widely considered to be one of the foremost authorities on North American birds.

While he collaborated with us, providing the beautiful artwork featured in our app, we decided to ask him about what he thought of technical birding tools, the future of birding, and whether or not he thinks he could outperform Song Sleuth (of course he can). 

Q: As a kid, what was the most meaningful piece of gear for you as a birder?

David Sibley: The most meaningful, for me, was my sketchbook. Sketching is how i really engage with birds. Just going out searching and watching is rewarding and fun, but my most memorable and satisfying experiences involve drawing.

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