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Choosing between the SM3 and SM4?

Choosing between the SM3 and SM4?

You may have noticed that we not only have a new Song Meter recorder, the SM4, but we are also continuing to the offer the SM3. That's because while we recommend the SM4 for most cases, the SM3 has some unique features that you may require for your recordings. Answer the questions below to find out if you should be buying an SM3 or an SM4. 

Do you need to...

  • record less than a minute at a time?
  • change sample rate/filtering several times in a deployment?
  • record at different times on different days?
  • time-synchronize for localization?
  • store more than a terabyte without servicing the recorder?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need an SM3.

Otherwise, the SM4 is the right choice:

  • The SM4 is quieter so it will record more of the sounds that you want.
  • The SM4 is half the size and weight of the SM3.
  • It features new, easy-to-use scheduling blocks that meet almost every need.

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