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Get Field-Ready With This Checklist

Get Field-Ready With This Checklist

If your Song Meters are in from the field, winter is an excellent time to make sure they're ready for this spring.

Here's a short checklist to help you prepare:

  • If you have our ultrasonic equipment, check your SM3BAT, SM2BAT+, Echo Meter Touch, Echo Meter EM3 recorders and ultrasonic microphones with our Ultrasonic Calibrator. And if you don’t have our Calibrator, add it to your field kit.
  • Make sure you have cable extensions for your SM2+/SM2BAT+ microphone.
  • Look for any evidence of physical damage and/or water intrusion to your Song Meters.
  • Check, and if necessary, replace the batteries in your Song Meter recorders.
  • Check your windscreens for wear and tear. Order extra for the upcoming season.
  • Replace the Song Meter SM2/SM2BAT+/SM2BAT clock batteries.
  • Examine the weather seals on your Song Meter SM2/SM2BAT+/SM2BAT recorder enclosures.
  • Make sure that the nuts that hold various ports in place are on all Song Meters are hand-tight.
  • Read Jeff King's blog post on SM2 Yearly Maintenance.
  • Brush up on the new features of Kaleidoscope Pro bat auto-ID high-speed analysis software.
  • If you find there is something that needs servicing, now is the time to contact us to arrange to send in your recorder or detector to avoid the spring service rush. And of course, if you need to upgrade your recorders, it’s a good time to place your order for the Song Meter SM4 and Song Meter SM4BAT recorders.

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