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Chris Warren

Using external microphones with Song Sleuth

Using external microphones with Song Sleuth

As of version 1.0.5, Song Sleuth, our bird ID app, supports the use of external microphones. Song Sleuth’s species identification was built to work well with your iOS device’s built-in mic, but we know that some folks want to use external equipment to get higher quality recordings than they might be able to get with a phone microphone. (I enjoy fiddling with audio equipment myself, so I can’t blame them!) Here are the details you need to know:

Avoid pesky clipping! How to adjust gain on your Song Meter

A common question that people send to Jeff and me as the support staff at Wildlife Acoustics deals with how people should adjust their recorder settings. In particular, how to set gain. For example, “I’m trying to record X Species in Y Environment. How should I set the gain on my recorder?” The documentation for our equipment provides some suggested starting points, but I always tell customers they should test out their settings and make adjustments if necessary.