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Customer Spotlight: Echo Meter Touch bicycle transects

Customer Spotlight: Echo Meter Touch bicycle transects

Can the Echo Meter Touch be used for bicycle transects?

For our resourceful customer Peder Halverson, the answer is yes.

Wondering know how he did it? Peder shared the details with us:

"It’s simply a camera monopod fastened to the bike’s front wheel frame, a wooden platform fastened to that, a cardboard iPad mini case box glued to that, the iPad mini in the carboard secured by a Velcro band. The module’s microphone is covered by a windscreen salvaged from a Zoom H2 recorder that was once used to record bat calls from a Petterson unit. The monopod pole can telescope up farther, but I like it this way for better visibility of the road ahead. The iPad can rotate on the monopod either this way, giving better visibility ahead, or it can rotate so that the screen is always visible to the rider. It likes to ride this way, slowly rotating to this orientation.

This method is being compared with the method in which the iPad is slipped into the rope pocket on the back of a backpack. So far the two methods seem to give equally good spectrograms, even though one might imagine the pole method to give less audio reflections. The backpack method allows the iPad’s cover to remain open, so that the screen is visible to automobiles to the rear, acting as a great additional reflector. It also feels a lot more secure for the iPad and module.

Both methods have provided wonderful gps tracks with bat species and locations. Someday we expect to locate a Pesu! In the meantime, for sure we’ll be learning where the bats concentrate in our area, all the time getting some good exercise. (Yes, that’s a circular BCI sticker on that Subaru.)"

Well, there you have it! A creative DIY (and environmentally friendly) method of doing bat transects!

We love hearing what our customers are up to with our products. If you try this or another project, please contact us so we can share it!