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Wildlife Acoustics contributes technology as Open Source!

Update March 31, 2017:

In order to offer more flexibility from potential users of our meta data and WAC reader, we now use the MIT open software license (instead of GNU GPLv3). We have also added some additional meta data tags. The latest can be found at wa_meta-1.1.zip and wac2wavcmd-1.1.zip.

Dear customers, developers, and yes, even our competitors,

I have decided to open up two of our proprietary standards by contributing them as Open Source to the world community.

First, our proprietary WAC file format.

As some of you know, our recorders (including SM1, SM2, SM2+, SM2BAT192x2, SM2BAT384, SM2BAT+, EM3 and EM3+) are all capable of recording in either standard WAV format or our proprietary compressed WAC fomat.

By opening up the WAC format, our customers can be confident storing their WAC files for long-term archival purposes knowing that they can always be decoded. Additionally, some of our customers have expressed interest in building their own command line tools to facilitate data analysis.

I decided to make our WAC format open by releasing code that can be used to decode the WAC format, with plenty of details included.

The link can be found here.

And second, our proprietary metadata format.

With the most recent versions of firmware across our entire product line, we are encoding metadata inside WAV files produced by our recorders and manipulated by our Kaleidoscope software.

For example, metadata from SM3 recordings includes details about the recording such as the timestamp and GPS coordinates if available, but also about the recorder including its full configuration and running program, firmware version, and so on. Additionally, Kaleidoscope can manipulate the metadata to add field notes and classification results to the metadata during post-processing. I decided to make our metadata format open by releasing a header file that describes how metadata is encoded in our WAV files.

The link can be found here.

Opening the door for more innovation

It is our sincere hope that our customers and third-party developers will be able to make use of this information to build new and exciting tools compatible with our hardware and software to add value to the research community at large. We believe it will open the door for even more innovation, which has always been a key goal of our organization.

We have chosen to use the GNU GPLv3 license from the Free Software Foundation.

Details about this license can be found at gnu.org.

If you require a commercial license, please contact us.

Warm regards,