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How to get an iPad and Echo Meter Touch for your Classroom

How to get an iPad and Echo Meter Touch for your Classroom

The Echo Meter Touch is our unprecedented, easy to use device which turns your iPhone (5s, 5c and 5) or iPad (Air, mini with Retina display and iPad, 4th generation) into a bat detector/recorder/analyzer. And with the growing trend of iPads and even iPhones being used as educational tools, it’s a natural fit for the classroom. After all, it allows kids to interact directly with nature and brings normally unseen and unheard of creatures to light: Kids can see the spectrogram (graph) of bats sounds and hear them through our patented Real Time Expansion technology. We are even developing a detailed curriculum to make teaching with the Echo Meter Touch even more seamless and engaging!

What if your class or school doesn’t have a budget for the iPad/Echo Meter Touch?

That’s where DonorsChoose.org comes in.

DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding site, meaning it pools small donations made online in order to help you achieve your funding goal. It is geared specifically towards teachers and classrooms, allowing teachers to state what they need and why they need it. Individuals who donate can choose who they donate to and which projects they would like to support. They can donate as little as $1.

The site serves K-12 public schools in the US. It’s completely free for teachers to use, the donations are tax-deductible and 70% of the projects on the site end up being fully funded! For examples of past projects and information on how to sign up, visit DonorsChoose.org!

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