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Join the #BatWeek Twitterstorm!

Join the #BatWeek Twitterstorm!

It's that time of year again--Bat Week is just one day away! 

At Wildlife Acoustics, we love to see people connect with bats. Whether it's on a bat walk with the Echo Meter Touch for the first time, or by reading bat facts online, we want everyone to know how amazing and diverse these flying mammals are. 

By being a part of the Bat Week committee every year, we are happy to be able to spread the word about bats, but we need your help too! 

On Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 from 1-2pm ET, we are encouraging people to participate in a massive Twitter storm about bats and Bat Week.

What is a Twitter storm?

A Twitter storm is an coordinated online event where as many twitter accounts as possible send tweets about a particular topic to raise large-scale awareness about it. The goal of the Bat Week Twitter storm is to trend the topic #BatWeek on Twitter and raise awareness in the Twitter community and to our followers on bat education and conservation. The posts will provide bat facts, including habitat and health issues and benefits of bats to our ecosystem. They will also dispel bat myths and empower audiences to contribute to bat conservation efforts. 

How to participate

Log in to your Twitter account on Oct 30th at 1pm ET and begin tweeting and retweeting posts using #BatWeek 

Spread the word

Send an email to organizations or individuals who you think may be interested in participating. Here's an example email you can send--

Sample Email to Partners

Subject: Join our #BatWeek Twitter Storm: Tuesday Oct 30 at 1PM ET/11AM PT

Dear Partners,

In honor of #BatWeek, we will host a Twitter storm on Monday, October 30th at 1PM-2PM ET to inform and educate the Twitter community about the importance of bats, bat conservation, bat habitat and health issues, and empower them to save bats. The purpose of this twitter storm is to generate engagement and create a topic trend in the twitter community on #BatWeek. Our partners and followers will simultaneously tweet, like and retweet #BatWeek posts during the course of an hour to create the trend in hopes of reaching more people. This digital effort helps raise awareness on bat conservation efforts and informs communities on the importance of bats in our ecosystem.

We would love for you participate in the #BatWeek twitter storm by tweeting, retweet and liking #BatWeek related posts on Twitter on Tuesday, October 30th from 1PM-2PM ET. Attached and below are English and Spanish language sample tweets and graphics to use during the twitter storm. Feel free to edit the sample tweets as you wish, add emojis or create your own tweets and graphics. ALWAYS include the hashtag #BatWeek so that others can like and retweet.

Download the Twitter Storm Toolkit

For sample tweets to use and share with others, as well as images and other resources for Bat Week, visit: http://batweek.org/social-media-toolkit/ or download the Twitter Storm toolkit directly here

Happy Bat Week! 

Wildlife Acoustics is proud to support wildlife conservation efforts

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