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Song Sleuth Species Spotlight: Common Yellowthroat

Song Sleuth Species Spotlight: Common Yellowthroat

Name: Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas)

Looks like: Males are bright yellow with a black mask around their eyes. Females are a light brown with yellow around their throat and tail.

Song sounds like: wichety-wichety-wichety 

Where you've seen them: It's the bird on our app icon!

Where to find them: The Common Yellowthroat is, you guessed it, quite common. In fact it is one of the few warblers that occurs throughout the continental US during the summer.   

How to find them: Search for large, open areas with low and thick vegetation and listen for their distinctive call. 

For more information about the Common Yellowthroat and other birds you’ll find in North America, open up the Sibley bird reference with your Song Sleuth app

To access the Sibley reference within the app, simply select the species list from the main menu, and press “i” for information about a particular species.

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