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Meet Song Scope, Our 3-in-1 Spectrogram Analysis Tool - Part 1: Fast and Easy Spectrogram Viewer

Meet Song Scope, Our 3-in-1 Spectrogram Analysis Tool - Part 1: Fast and Easy Spectrogram Viewer

You have terabytes of recordings and almost no time to analyze it. Have you met Song Scope?

Song Scope is our spectrogram tool, designed to review and analyze recordings made by Song Meter SM2+, SM2+ Aquatic, SM2M+ Deep Water, Submersible or other conventional bioacoustics recording equipment.

It’s really three tools in one. That’s why we’ve created a three-part blog series to show you what Song Scope can do (excuse the pun.)

At its heart, Song Scope is a fast and easy-to-use Spectrogram Viewer. Here are just some ways that Song Scope makes reviewing your audio files a breeze:

  • Fly through large recordings (up to 2GB) looking for events of interest
    Viewing audio files as spectrograms is typically 10-20 times more time efficient than listening to the same recordings with your ears. Eventually, you’ll start to recognize visual patterns of the vocalizations of interest. Plus, you can always listen to selected samples of recordings and double check with your ears.
  • When listening to recordings, filter out noise and only listen to frequencies of interest
    There’s an entire ecosystem of sounds out there! Listen to just the ones you want by zeroing in on specific frequencies.
  • Annotate points of interest
    Mark your recordings to find your way back to important audio events
  • Make .WAV files to share with others
    Discover something interesting in your recordings? Easily share the clip by converting just the selected region to a .WAV recording. You can even filter out interfering frequencies as part of the process.
  • Check the quality of your recordings and better understand gain and trigger settings
    Make the most out of your recording hardware by using Song Scope to assess optimal settings such as gain and filters.

Try it out for FREE: 15 day trial compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux. Visit the Song Scope product page for more info, tips, and photos!

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