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Meet Song Scope, Our 3-in-1 Spectrogram Analysis Tool - Part 3: Creating a massive Song Scape with Song Scope

Meet Song Scope, Our 3-in-1 Spectrogram Analysis Tool - Part 3: Creating a massive Song Scape with Song Scope

Song Scope is our spectrogram tool, designed to review recordings made by Song Meter SM2+, SM2+ Aquatic, SM2M+ Deep Water, Submersible or other conventional bioacoustics recording equipment.

Song Scope is fast, intuitive, and very flexible. It’s really three tools in one. That’s why we’ve created a three-part blog series to show you what Song Scope can do!

In Parts 1 and 2 we told you that Song Scope is a easy to use Spectrogram Viewer and sophisticated Recognizer builder.

In Part 3 of our series, we’re introducing a very unique feature of the software. A tool that lets you look at months and even years of recordings, all on a single spectrogram “Song Scape”.

Taking a long-term view. Introducing Song Scape: A Long-Term Spectrogram

Song Scope's Song Scape feature allows you to visualize sound on a massive temporal scale. In short, months, years, or even decades of data can be viewed in a compact Song Scape picture. In essence, it is a long-term, condensed spectrogram.

Turn Terabytes into Kilobytes

Dealing with a large amount of spectrographic data? Condense it into an informative Song Scape picture that is very compact and easily shared!

Study the Big Picture

Understand the timing and trends of biological and anthropogenic noises on very large temporal scales.

Compare by the hour

View Song Scape hour-by-hour to compare the timing of calls by month or year. For example, what time in the evening did tree frogs start vocalizing in April from year to year?

Print Spectrograms for reports

A picture is worth a thousand words. A Song Scape is worth terabytes of recordings!

Scope it out for FREE: 15 day trial compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

For a real life application of SongScape see Dr Pijanowski’s research on our blog.

Visit the Song Scope product page for more info, tips, and photos!

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