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How to keep your NiMH batteries in top shape!

How to keep your NiMH batteries in top shape!

Now is the perfect time to condition your NiMH batteries to make sure they function optimally in the upcoming recording season.

“Conditioning” is a process available on more sophisticated NiMH chargers that runs the batteries through a series of charge and recharge cycles in order to rejuvenate batteries to a state in which they can hold maximum charge.

The charger we sell on our website, the Maha MH-C808M charger, has this mode available. The Imedion line of low-self-discharge batteries that we sell are recommended to be conditioned after 10 normal charges, or on batteries that have been infrequently used. Please check the manufacturer’s recommendations if you are using another brand of battery.

Here are the Top 5 Wildlife Acoustics Accessories

Here are the Top 5 Wildlife Acoustics Accessories

For many of you, field work is right around the corner. That means it's prime time to get stocked up on gear and accessories. But what should you order? If you need a bit of inspiration, here are our top 5 most popular accessories:

  1. SMX-II and SM3-A1 acoustic microphones
  2. SM3 Power Cable
  3. 50m cables
  4. 10m cables
  5. 32GB and 64gb SDHC cards

...and don't forget to order mic windscreens as you always want to have extra on hand. This way you'll only have to pay for shipping once!

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