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Eight new critically endangered frog species discovered

Eight new critically endangered frog species discovered

A record eight new species were discovered in a wilderness sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The country is known for its amphibian diversity, but it is unprecedented to find so many new species in just one park.

One such species, the Starry Shrub Frog, is considered rediscovered, since it was last seen 160 years ago and was thought to be extinct. Unfortunately the Starry Shrub Frog, as well as most of the other new species found, is already being considered critically endangered. In fact, it is estimated that one-third of amphibians are threatened. Contributing factors include habitat loss, pollution, and a deadly fungus. Despite the fact that 130 amphibians have gone extinct since 1980, scientists think we have yet to discover many new species in rich habitats such as those in Sri Lanka.

Photo by: L.J. Mendis Wickramasinghe

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