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From The Technician's Desk

From The Technician's Desk

Imagine if you will, a field biologist’s worst nightmare.

You’ve taken care to set up your SM2+ units, deployed them in the field, checked to make sure your units have all powered up, and then set them to sleep. You trek back out of the back country to the access road you fought mud, rain, and blind corners to navigate. You go home, set aside your soaked clothes, pour a cup of your hot beverage of choice, and sit confident knowing your trusty SM2+ recorders will gather all the data you need for that big project.

A month later, you range out to the same patch of woods, unearth your recorders from the fallen pine needles, brush it off, and take the SD cards that hold your precious data back to base. Upon opening your recordings in Song Scope, you find to your deepest horror that nothing was recorded. Your heart sinks as you begin to understand the full consequences to the loss of data. The world spins as a Lovecraftian level of terror creeps in…

Our 10,000th song meter press release has been picked up by Yahoo! Finance, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, and more!

Boston Business Journal

Boston Globe

Yahoo Finance

How anyone can help save the birds!

How anyone can help save the birds!

Scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have noticed a decline in certain species of birds over the past three decades, although an exact cause is unknown. To help better understand what might be causing the downward trend, they are inviting the public to participate in “nest watching”. Anyone can go on the website and begin tracking data on nests that they spot. By recording information on how many eggs are laid, how many hatch, and how many survive, the scientists will get a better idea of what is happening to birds around the country. So what are you waiting for? Grab a notebook and binoculars and start saving the birds!

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