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Noise logging with the SM2M+ Deep Water and Submersible recorders

Noise logging with the SM2M+ Deep Water and Submersible recorders

Pile drivers, shipping traffic and off-shore oil exploration are just a few of the anthropogenic contributors to an increasingly noisy ocean environment. We can only guess at the effects on marine life when noise levels can exceed 200 dB SPL every 10 seconds. As a result, our SM2M+ Deep Water and Submersible marine recorders are being used not only for recording the sounds of marine life, but also for noise logging. In fact, our products are unique in that they are designed to serve both functions.

With a recording bandwidth of 2hz to 48kHz (or 192kHz for the ultrasonic option), the SM2M+ recorders are perfect for capturing any ocean noise. The recorders log recording levels while making recordings and the log can be quickly converted to actual sound pressure levels (SPL) using the gain and hydrophone sensitivity settings. We provide calibration data with all recorders so as to assure accuracy of the SPL readings. Both ambient and peak measurements are logged.

The SM2M+ recorders also have great battery life, and there are several options to extend deployment. For example, you can employ a recording schedule to stop/start recording at select times. The patented SM2M+ sleep mode makes power consumption negligible in between recordings. Other means to lengthen deployment include Recording Compression or Adaptive Triggering, where the recordings are triggered by crossing a set sound level threshold.

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