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Wildlife Acoustics goes carbon neutral with UPS & less packaging for the SM2+

Wildlife Acoustics goes carbon neutral with UPS & less packaging for the SM2+

We are proud to announce that we are now using the UPS Carbon Neutral shipping option as part of our efforts to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. As part of this initiative, we’ll pay a small fee per package that will go towards projects around the world like Garcia River Forest in the United States, Fujian Landfill Gas in China, La Pradera Landfill Gas in Colombia, and CholburiWastewater Biogas-to-Energy in Thailand. Offsetting our carbon footprint is a worth the extra cost and fits with our mission to be better stewards of the planet.

That’s not all we’re doing. We’ve also recently redesigned the Song Meter SM2+ packaging, which has resulted in a 25% reduction in box volume. In addition, the new box will replace the bubble wrap that we had previously sent the SM2 in. This will help reduce our non-recyclable packaging, as well as provide a way for customers to store their recorders.

Our very own Aubrey Garrett best explains why making these changes are important to us:

Eight new critically endangered frog species discovered

Eight new critically endangered frog species discovered

A record eight new species were discovered in a wilderness sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The country is known for its amphibian diversity, but it is unprecedented to find so many new species in just one park.

One such species, the Starry Shrub Frog, is considered rediscovered, since it was last seen 160 years ago and was thought to be extinct. Unfortunately the Starry Shrub Frog, as well as most of the other new species found, is already being considered critically endangered. In fact, it is estimated that one-third of amphibians are threatened. Contributing factors include habitat loss, pollution, and a deadly fungus. Despite the fact that 130 amphibians have gone extinct since 1980, scientists think we have yet to discover many new species in rich habitats such as those in Sri Lanka.

Photo by: L.J. Mendis Wickramasinghe

The new Echo Meter EM3+ will be available next week. Preorders are being accepted now.

The new Echo Meter EM3+ will be available next week. Preorders are being accepted now.

I'm pleased to announce that our updated Echo Meter handheld bat detector/recorder will be here by the end of this month.

If you are familiar with the EM3, the new EM3+ keeps all of the powerful features of the original while improving the recording and monitoring quality, “fit and finish” and ergonomics of the recorder. We put considerable effort into these improvements, especially with regards to the look and feel of the device. We worked with a top-rate industrial designer to take our existing button layout and improve usability with new glow-in-the dark graphics. We love the look and think this makes the unit even more intuitive to use. In addition we have added a wrist-strap as that was the number-one most requested feature from our customers. Feel free to trip over roots in the night staring skyward with no fear for your EM3+!

If you are not familiar with the Echo Meter detector/recorder, we had the ambitious design goal of incorporating all the useful features of existing professional detectors and recorders into one handheld-sized device. And succeeded. The EM3+ provides every possible tool to allow you to understand and identify bats in the field.


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