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Reminders for the Nov 15th Grant Deadline

With our second Scientific Product Grant deadline fast approaching, we’d like to remind applicants of some important guidelines to ensure that your application goes as far through the process as possible.

If you are applying by the Nov 15th, 2015 deadline, please keep in mind:

  • You will need to complete an updated application form, found here. The previous form used in the last application cycle is no longer valid.
  • The SM4 and SM4BAT are not available in this grant cycle as the grant will be awarded by the end of December.
  • Please ensure that you have included the documentation requested and have read the instructions carefully.

After determining if the applications fit our requirements and have provided the requested information, we will look for the best projects that make significant use of bioacoustics, advance scientific knowledge, and contribute to long-term conservation.

Our First Scientific Product Grant Results

Our First Scientific Product Grant Results

We were blown away by the volume and quality of the grant applications that we received in this past quarter for our first Wildlife Acoustics Product Grant application cycle. We received over 80 applications from all over the world. There were projects about koalas, penguins, and even crocodiles!

A handful of WA staff volunteered our time to diligently read the applications and make the tough decision of which to choose. In the end, we were happy to be able to provide Wildlife Acoustics gear to two projects this quarter.

Mark Danaher, Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge:

Project: Investigation of Eumops floridanus on the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge

It’s a two way conversation at the Dolphin Communication Project!

It’s a two way conversation at the Dolphin Communication Project!

When you’re working with animals as precocious as dolphins, the lines can sometimes be blurred as to who is observing whom!

Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski experienced this recently as she was attaching her Wildlife Acoustics SM2M+ marine recorder to a piling to record dolphin sounds. As you can see in the photos and video we posted, she was quickly greeted by delphinid visitors who were very curious about the bright new yellow object being installed!

Many of these dolphins are not strangers to Dr. Dudzinski, however. She’s been visiting and studying them at Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) in Honduras since 2003.

Wildlife Acoustics is proud to support wildlife conservation efforts

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