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'Batgirl' Thrilled to Receive new Wildlife Acoustics Research Tools

'Batgirl' Thrilled to Receive new Wildlife Acoustics Research Tools

Though she's still in high school, Alexis "Batgirl" Valentine is already an award-winning bat researcher. In fact, the precocious and passionate teen has been studying bats since the third grade. When she isn't in the field or in school, she is out educating her peers and other scientists about the importance of bats and the threats that they are facing. 

We were very fortunate to meet Alexis at NASBR (annual North American Society of Bat Researchers conference) recently, where she was invited to speak. Merlin Tuttle introduced the prodigious young scientist to us and explained that one of her goals was to one day purchase our recording equipment for her work on bats in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

Our CEO and Founder Ian Agranat was so impressed and inspired by Alexis that he pledged to gift her with her very own Wildlife Acoustics equipment for her work. We loved seeing the look on her face from the photos her mom sent us when she opened her shipment of Wildlife Acoustics gear!  

Bat Week 2017: 5 Fun Ways to Get Involved

Bat Week 2017: 5 Fun Ways to Get Involved

The theme for Bat Week 2017 is Go To Bat for Bats! Bats need our help more than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and simple ways to step up to the plate.

Here are 5 ways to get you started, right from the official BatWeek.org website: 

Avoid pesky clipping! How to adjust gain on your Song Meter

A common question that people send to Jeff and me as the support staff at Wildlife Acoustics deals with how people should adjust their recorder settings. In particular, how to set gain. For example, “I’m trying to record X Species in Y Environment. How should I set the gain on my recorder?” The documentation for our equipment provides some suggested starting points, but I always tell customers they should test out their settings and make adjustments if necessary.

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