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Support Desk: Resolving Song Scope Licensing Issue on Macs

Support Desk: Resolving Song Scope Licensing Issue on Macs


On your Mac, your Song Scope software suddenly asks you to activate it again, even though it previously worked fine and there has been no obvious change to cause this.

What's going on:

When you activate SongScope software, your copy is tied to both the currently logged in user and the current machine name. With some Macs which are on company or university networks, the machine name is dynamic and will change over time. In technical terms, the name is being assigned by the DHCP server. This causes our licensing to fail since the machine name at the time of activation is not the same as the current machine name.

How to fix it:

To resolve the issue, you will need to work with your network administrator to have your computer name fixed and not be dynamic. If you can have it fixed to the same name it was when you activated, then it should automatically work again. If the name is different than when you first activated, you will need to contact Wildlife Acoustics via our support email address and send us information on the situation and your serial number. We can then assist in getting the situation straightened out.

Changes to the Wildlife Acoustics Product Lineup in 2016

Changes to the Wildlife Acoustics Product Lineup in 2016

At Wildlife Acoustics, our mission is to continually develop new and better products – while delivering support and service for the products you’ve purchased from us over the years. Toward that mission, this blog post provides an update on the future availability of products you may own.

SM2+ and SM2BAT+ recorders and accessories will continue to be sold through 2016 and then will not be available. If you anticipate needing SM2+ or SM2BAT+ recorders in 2016, please contact us for availability as these will only be built as demand warrants. We will continue to honor warranties, and service these products for years to come. Please consider the SM4 or the SM4BAT as superior alternatives.

If you need to create time-synchronized recordings for localization and/or produce a schedule that does very different things on different days, the SM3 is the recorder of choice. And if you need to capture any combination of birds or other wildlife on a second channel, SM3BAT is the way to go.

Reminders for the Nov 15th Grant Deadline

With our second Scientific Product Grant deadline fast approaching, we’d like to remind applicants of some important guidelines to ensure that your application goes as far through the process as possible.

If you are applying by the Nov 15th, 2015 deadline, please keep in mind:

  • You will need to complete an updated application form, found here. The previous form used in the last application cycle is no longer valid.
  • The SM4 and SM4BAT are not available in this grant cycle as the grant will be awarded by the end of December.
  • Please ensure that you have included the documentation requested and have read the instructions carefully.

After determining if the applications fit our requirements and have provided the requested information, we will look for the best projects that make significant use of bioacoustics, advance scientific knowledge, and contribute to long-term conservation.

Wildlife Acoustics is proud to support wildlife conservation efforts

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