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Bat Week 2015 takes on a Guinness World Record Attempt and Capitol Hill!

Bat Week 2015 takes on a Guinness World Record Attempt and Capitol Hill!

What is Bat Week?

Bat Week (October 25-31) is an annual awareness campaign for bats. This year it includes a Signature Event on Capitol Hill, a social media campaign aimed to educate the public on bats, and a Guinness World Record attempt for Most Bat Houses Built in a Day. The record setting attempt will aptly be held on Halloween at multiple locations, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

More about the Signature Event:

On October 27, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) will be the featured guest along with other members of Congress and their staff, leading White-nose syndrome federal experts and policy makers at a reception on Capitol Hill to kick off the week long celebration. The evening includes bat house building, educational displays from partner organizations and bat-supported food and beverages. Wildlife Acoustics will also be there demonstrating the Echo Meter Touch as an example of how the latest technology can help us study bats!

About the Halloween Guinness World Record Attempt:

Halloween day (October 31st) will mark a Guinness World Record attempt for Most Bat Houses Built in a Day. Throughout the day, participants of all ages at designated sites around the globe will attempt to build thousands of bat houses to give bats new places to roost and raise their young. Want to participate? Find a nearby site at www.batweek.org.

Our First Scientific Product Grant Results

Our First Scientific Product Grant Results

We were blown away by the volume and quality of the grant applications that we received in this past quarter for our first Wildlife Acoustics Product Grant application cycle. We received over 80 applications from all over the world. There were projects about koalas, penguins, and even crocodiles!

A handful of WA staff volunteered our time to diligently read the applications and make the tough decision of which to choose. In the end, we were happy to be able to provide Wildlife Acoustics gear to two projects this quarter.

Mark Danaher, Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge:

Project: Investigation of Eumops floridanus on the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge

How to buy rechargeable batteries

How to buy rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a great solution to power your Wildlife Acoustics recorders as they save a great deal of waste. However, if you get the wrong ones they will not work well. Most rechargeable batteries are designed for toys or other equipment where longevity is not critical. Also, many lower-end batteries will have a high self-discharge rate which means they lose power quickly, even when they are just sitting on the shelf.

Provided that you get the best batteries available, they will still not work well if you don’t recharge them correctly. There is a wide variety of chargers on the market. Low-end chargers will not “fill” batteries to their capacity and will not refresh them as is periodically required.

So what should you do?

We recommend that our customers make sure to purchase high quality batteries from a reputable source that have a low self-discharge rate and high output. We recommend and sell the IMEDION line which are the best we have come across. Be sure to get a good charger and follow the directions included. As far as chargers go, we recommend and sell the MaHa MH-C808M which can charge 8 batteries at a time and has modes for soft charging and reconditioning batteries.

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