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Arizona Wildlife Views Magazine: The Bat Detectives

Article written by Angela McIntire, Arizona Game and Fish Department

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Seattle Times: What’s with all the cawing? UW team eavesdrops on crows

Researchers want to understand the cacophony that erupts when 16,000 of the birds congregate at night before roosting in a Bothell wetland.

BOTHELL — If a congregation of crows is called a murder, then the nightly gathering at North Creek Wetlands could be described as a massacre. More than 16,000 of the birds converge on the streamside thickets every evening, descending in a raucous whirlwind of feathers, claws and rushing black shadows. Picture Tippi Hedren being mobbed in Alfred Hitchcock's horror masterpiece "The Birds." Subtract the malice — but multiply the intensity by a hundred — and you've got a sense of what it's like to stand in the midst of the maelstrom.

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Wicked Local Lancaster Features Wildlife Acoustics

Wicked Local Lancaster Features Wildlife Acoustics

"Seeing is believing." Hearing is believing, too, if you know what you are hearing. Wildlife Acoustics, Inc., a company that was started in 2003, relocated from Concord to Maynard in 2013, and is an expert provider of devices that allow us to detect all sorts of animal noises and know exactly what we are listening to...

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Wildlife Acoustics and L.L.Bean Launch “Song Sleuth with Sibley” Sweepstakes

One birding enthusiast will win the chance to spend a weekend birding with David Sibley during the L.L.Bean Birding Festival in Freeport, Maine

BOSTON, MASS (December 1, 2017) – Wildlife Acoustics, makers of the Song Sleuth bird identifying app, today announced the launch of the "Song Sleuth with Sibley" Sweepstakes presented with L.L.Bean, giving bird lovers the once in a lifetime opportunity to bird with David Sibley, renowned artist and author of Sibley's Guide to Birds, during the L.L.Bean Birding Festival, May 26-28, 2018. Birding enthusiasts can enter to win this amazing experience, including a $1,000 L.L.Bean shopping spree, at sweepstakes.songsleuth.com.

Article: How a Deadly Flesh-Eating Fungus Helped Make Bats Cute Again

A silver lining to the worldwide epidemic of white nose syndrome: People like bats more now

Let's face it: Bats have an image problem. Since the time of Bram Stoker's Dracula, these stealthy shadows have been tied up with images of the dark and demonic, of vampiric seduction, of blood-sucking and essence-drinking. They've been villified as vectors for rabies and Ebola, deemed nighttime nuisances, and even inspired the very specific fear of one flying into your hair and getting stuck. "It's hard to come across a bat in a non-terrifying situation," says Amanda Bevan, urban bat project leader at the nonprofit Organization for Bat Conservation.

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