How the Grant Works

Are non US organizations eligible to apply?

Yes. For each application, please include documentation that indicates tax exempt or non-profit status for your country.

Are government agencies eligible to apply?

No. US or Non US government agencies are not eligible for the program.

Which products are NOT eligible for the program?

We do not grant cash or equipment other than our own. Submersible marine products including the SM3M Deep Water and Submersible recorders and related accessories are ineligible. SM2+, SM2BAT+, EM3+, SM3 and SM3BAT recorders and related accessories are also ineligible. SD cards, batteries and battery chargers carried in our store are not eligible.

Are accessories eligible for the program?

Yes, accessories such as microphones and cables are eligible for the program. However, 3rd party accessories such as SD cards, batteries and battery chargers, padlocks and cable locks are not eligible.

Is software eligible for the program?

Yes, Kaleidoscope subscriptions are eligible for the grant program.

How many applicants are awarded each quarter?

It depends. Up to $5,000 is available to be awarded each quarter. If an application for less than $5,000 is awarded, then another application can also be awarded as long as the total granted is less than or equal to $5,000.

Can I re-apply for a grant?

If you applied and were not awarded a grant in one quarter, you may re-apply in other quarters by resubmitting an application. Please check the website for the most up to date application and requirements as they may have changed.

Can I apply for multiple grants?

Due to the volume of applications, you may only apply for one project per quarter.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

Applications are evaluated by the review team after the due date for the quarter. Should the team have any questions about your application, you will be contacted via email. Grant recipients are notified via email once the review team has made a decision. An email announcing the recipients is sent out by the last day of the quarter and are posted on our website. Note that we will not send emails notifying those applicants who were not chosen to receive a grant.

Do I need to include shipping costs in my grant application?

The cost of shipping is covered by Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. You do not need to include it in your application. However, you will be responsible for paying any duties and taxes.

What if my country doesn't have tax-exempt status or documents?

If your country does not grant tax-exempt status or does not provide documentary proof, please include a letter affirming your organization will cover any taxes assessed by your government.

How are customs fees and taxes handled?

You will be responsible for customs, duty and broker fees for shipments outside of the United States. In addition, you will be responsible for payment of any taxes on on product(s) supplied.

I have submitted my application and have additional information to provide. How do I do that?

When you submit an application, all relevant information should be included with the submission, including letters of reference and tax exempt documentation. When an application is submitted, it is assigned a grant identification number. Should you need to supply additional supporting documentation after the submission, please be sure to reference the grant identification number to ensure it is linked to your application.

We prefer all materials to be submitted at the same time. If you must send things separately, please make sure the application is the first thing you send. For additional submissions, such as references, please include the grant number or attach it to a reply to the confirmation email you received from us.

Note: We will make our best effort to associate additional submissions with your application, but we cannot guarantee it. All supporting documentation must be received prior to the deadline for the quarter.

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