Wildlife Acoustics | Bioacoustic monitoring systems for research, science, industry and governments.

Bioacoustics Monitoring Systems for Science, Research, Education, and Government

Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4
Song Meter SM4
Acoustic Recorder

Compact, weatherproof, dual-channel recorder capable of long-term acoustic monitoring of birds, frogs, insects, and aquatic life.

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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4BAT
Song Meter SM4BAT Ultrasonic Recorder

Compact, weatherproof, single-channel recorder capable of long-term ultrasonic monitoring of bats.

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Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO
Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO Handheld Bat Detector

Turn your phone or tablet into a state-of-the-art bat research tool.

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Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software
Kaleidoscope Pro 5 Analysis Software

Analyze terabytes of acoustic or ultrasonic recordings quickly and easily.

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