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Standard pricing

Kaleidoscope Pro Subscriptions:

Subscription price $399.00
Subscription duration 366 days
Maximum activations 2

  • A subscription is associated with a Wildlife Acoustics website account ("Web Account"). A Web Account is identified by a unique e-mail address.
  • Upon purchase of a single subscription, you are granted a single subscription credit, which can be used to activate a new Kaleidoscope Pro license subscription or renew an existing Kaleidoscope Pro license subscription.
  • A single subscription represents a single license for Kaleidoscope Pro and can be used to activate a Kaleidoscope Pro License for use by a single user on up to 2 computers for up to 366 days.
  • The owner of subscription credits can create subscriptions on behalf of themselves and/or multiple other users by referencing their Web Account email addresses.
  • A subscription starts when it is first activated by the corresponding web account user on the first (of up to 2) computers.
  • Subscriptions and license activations can be managed by logging into your Web Account.
  • Subscription owners can transfer subscriptions from one Web Account to another.
  • Subscribers can move a Kaleidoscope Pro license from one computer to another.
  • See "Billing" below for details about subscription renewals.

Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Account

  • A Managed Cloud Account provides three basic functions:
    • File storage
    • Searchable database
    • Cloud-based computing
  • A Web Account user can create a Managed Cloud Account for no initial charge. In order to create and maintain a Managed Cloud Account, there must be payment information on file for that account.
  • A Kaleidoscope Pro user can be invited to join an existing Managed Cloud Account at no extra charge.
  • There are separate charges for file storage, database storage, and Cloud-based computing. The owner of the Managed Cloud Account is responsible for all charges made to the account.
  • Billing is split into separate categories. This is because a customer may use some functions of the Managed Cloud Account but not others. So, the customer only pays for services used.

Monthly Cloud Credits

Wildlife Acoustics provides monthly cloud credits ("Cloud Credits") for each active Kaleidoscope Pro subscription with a valid credit card or bank account on file to provide limited free use of the Managed Cloud Account. The Cloud Credits offset costs associated with Managed Cloud Accounts on a monthly basis. In any given month, there may be usage fees for any activity exceeding the monthly Cloud Credits. Note that unused Cloud Credits expire at the end of each month and do not accumulate.

Monthly Cloud Credits per active Kaleidoscope Pro subscription are credited based on the following activites:

  • File storage
    • Up to 100.0 GB stored
    • Up to 100.0 GB uploaded, imported or added
  • Database storage
    • Up to 1.0 GB database storage
  • Cloud-based computing
    • Up to 100.0 input GB processed
    • Up to 100,000 input files processed

Monthly Charges

Managed Cloud Account activity is charged based on usage. Cloud credits are applied as described above to offset these charges in each billing category.

File Storage:

Per-GB/month pro-rated file storage* $0.030
One-time per-GB uploaded, imported or added* $0.030

* Billable GB calculated based on actual file size plus 128KB per-file overhead

Database storage

Per-GB/month database storage* $1.000

* Database storage is typically less than the size of generated meta.csv, id.csv and cluster.csv files. Actual billable size is based on the uncompressed size of generated .wdb files and can be checked by looking at the "Size" column of the uploaded batch.

Cloud-based Computing

Per 1,000 input files processed $0.030
Per input GB processed $0.030

Additional File Transfer Options

  • Files can be uploaded to or downloaded from a Managed Cloud Account via Kaleidoscope Pro and an internet connection.
  • Alternatively, data can be shipped on a portable storage device such as a hard drive or USB thumb drive directly to the Amazon Web Services data center hosting the Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Accounts. Import or Export jobs can be created from the Wildlife Acoustics website. You can then prepare the storage device with your data (and a job signature file) and send it to an Amazon Web Services data center. For imports, after copying your data into the Cloud, Amazon will erase your drive (for security) and return it to you. Wildlife Acoustics will assess a $100.00 per-device fee for this service, plus imported data is subject to the one-time data upload fees and monthly storage fees if monthly cloud credits are exceeded. Note that this service can typically take one to six weeks to complete.
  • For transferring many terabytes of data or for faster turn-around times, please contact Wildlife Acoustics for other options and pricing.


  • At the beginning of each month, a consolidated invoice is created covering Managed Cloud activity for the prior month as well as upcoming renewalls of Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions (see below). The invoice is divided into sections for each credit card or bank account payment profile registered on the user's Web Account.
  • For subscriptions expiring before the end of the next billing period for which "Auto Renew" is enabled and a payment method is on account, new Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription Credits will be automatically purchased (less any available unused subscription credits) up to one month in advance. These subscription credits will then be used to renew subscriptions from the Kaleidoscope software after they expire.
  • For all active Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions, Cloud Credits will be automatically applied to Mangaged Cloud Accounts using the same payment profile as the subscriptions.
  • No Cloud Credits are available to Managed Cloud accounts not connected to active Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions. Each credit card or bank account will be charged at this time for amounts due.
  • You can view your recent billing and payment history by logging in to your web account. Additionally, each month, Wildlife Acoustics will email a statement to the email address associated with your Web Account. Please be sure to allow emails from wildlifeacoustics.com to get past any anti-spam filters so they will be received. These emails contain a summary of recent billing activity including links to printable detailed invoices, payments made, and any amounts or credits due. In addition, these emails will indicate if any Kaleidoscope Pro Subscriptions are expiring in the next 90 days, and indicate the date and amount of any corresponding scheduled charges (if enabled with a payment method on file and "Auto-Renew" enabled).
  • You can disable "Auto-Renew" for one or more Kaleidoscope Pro Subscriptions up to the scheduled charge date by logging in to your web account and managing your Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions.
  • You can cancel your Managed Cloud Account service upon 30 days notice to Wildlife Acoustics by contacting support2018@wildlifeacoustics.com. Upon cancellation, all of your cloud and database files, data and metadata will be permanently deleted.