Kaleidoscope Pro’s Cluster Analysis uses sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms to automatically scan wildlife audio recordings for bird songs, frog calls, bat echolocations, or other animal vocalizations. Once detected, the sounds are sorted into groups of similar sounds called “clusters.” Clusters can be labeled for species inventory or annotated to create classifiers that can be run on additional recordings.

Kaleidoscope Pro Bat Auto-ID analyzes recordings of bat echolocations and automatically suggests the most likely bat species around you.* The software also provides an efficient workflow for manually vetting Bat Auto-ID suggestions, reducing the amount of time necessary to analyze your recordings.

*Bat Auto-ID classifiers are currently available for North America, Europe, South America, and the Neotropics.

The Kaleidoscope Pro Sound Level Analysis feature allows you to scan a batch of recordings in accordance with various standards to analyze the noise spectrum and generate a report. Analysis includes weighted SPL and SEL measurements as well as third octave band analysis.

Cloud computing lets you borrow a supercomputer in the cloud. Quickly search your recordings to find exactly what you're looking for. Store recordings in our secure cloud for safe backup, collaborate with others, and automatically emails for when the results are ready.