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Song Meter SM3BAT Microphones and Accessories

Song Meter SMM-U2 Ultrasonic MicrophoneSMM-U2 Ultrasonic Microphone

The SMM-U2 microphone's low noise and superior sensitivity results in recording bat calls at greater distances. The enclosure's innovative weatherproof design includes a built-in mounting bracket that allows for a wide range of mounting options. The microphone includes a 5 meter cable, and can use up to 100 meters of cable with no adverse effect on recording quality.

Song Meter SMM-U1 Ultrasonic MicrophoneSMM-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone

The SMM-U1 microphone is designed for recording bats up to 190 kHz. Extend using up to 100 meters of cable with no adverse effect on recording quality.

Song Meter SMM-A1 Acoustic Microphone SMM-A2 Acoustic Microphone

The cabled SMM-A2 acoustic microphone is an entirely new microphone, designed to create higher quality recordings than those from all previous microphone models. The microphone is weatherproof and can be deployed up to 100 meters away from the recorder.

Song Meter SMM-A1 Acoustic Microphone SMM-A1 Acoustic Microphone

The cabled SMM-A1 acoustic microphone was designed with gain applied at the microphone to increase signals in the cables (up to 100 meters) therefore reducing electrical noise interference. The result is higher quality recordings. The microphone is completely weatherproof.

Song Meter SM3 Hydrophone SM3-H1 Hydrophone

The SM3BAT recorder can also be used with an available hydrophone, the SM3-H1, for making underwater recordings. The hydrophone ships on a 20 meter cable and attaches to the same connectors as the cabled microphones.

An ultrasonic hydrophone to record dolphin echolocations is also available.

Song Meter SM3/SM3BAT Armor SM3/SM3BAT Armor

Designed specifically for the Song Meter SM3BAT and SM3, the Armor accessory keeps your recorder safe and sound. It is designed to cover the recorder's LCD display, LED light and keypad. The shell has a durable powder epoxy finish and mounting holes that will accommodate security cables. Armor comes complete with lock and key.

Cable LockWeather Resistant Cable Lock

Specially selected for the Song Meter SM4BAT, SM4, SM3BAT and SM3, the adjustable locking mechanism holds the 6'/1.8m cable tight in any position for a secure fit. The unit features a weather resistant lock and vinyl coated 5/16"/8mm braided steel cable. Note: Lock is keyed differently.

Song Meter SM3 Power Cable SM3/SM4 Power Cable

The SM3/SM4 Power Cable allows the SM3/SM4 to run on external battery power or a complete solar panel charging system. Simply plug the cable into the recorder's power connector and connect the other end to the battery system using the included spade or ring terminals. The units will handle external power sources from 4.5 to 17V DC and are protected against accidental reverse voltage.

Song Meter SM3 Ultrasonic Calibrator Ultrasonic Calibrator

Since ultrasound is beyond the range of human hearing, verifying proper system and microphone performance can be a challenge. The Ultrasonic Calibrator is designed to verify the sensitivity of SM3-U1 microphones. It also verifies overall system performance.

Song Meter SM3 GPS Time-Synch Option Song Meter SM3 GPS Time-Synch Option

Log location information and synchronize multiple SM3 and SM3BAT clocks with this specifically selected GPS sensor. Synchronize recordings to the GPS clock to within one millisecond. Triangulate the location of a sound source using an array of multiple SM3 and SM3BAT recorders as analyzed by third-party software.

Microphone Frequency Responses

The chart below illustrates the frequency response of the SMM-U1 microphone. The subsequent graphs display the directionality plots of the SMM-U1 microphone with and without the directional SMX-Horn. Please click on the graph for larger viewing.


The following polar plots indicate microphone directional sensitivity with and without the SM3-Horn.

SMM-U1 Microphone Directionality SMM-U1 Microphone with Horn Directionality

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