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Song Meter SM3M Submersible Hydrophones

The Song Meter SM3M Submersible can be configured in a variety of ways to meet many marine recording needs. We've carefully selected variety of hydrophones for specific applications that meet strict performance criteria.

Standard Hydrophone Standard Acoustic Hydrophone

If recording whale songs, dolphin whistles, and/or ambient noise levels, our acoustic hydrophone is the choice setup for marine biologists. You can record vocalizations from infrasonic to ultrasonic. This hydrophone features an integrated LED and a transparent housing to allow instant confirmation of unit operation. Recording bandwidth is 2Hz – 48kHz. Sensitivity is -165dB re: 1 V/uPa.

Ultrasonic Hydrophone Ultrasonic Hydrophone Upgrade

Stepping up from our standard acoustic hydrophone, the ultrasonic upgrade is ideal when recording dolphin and porpoise echolocations. Combined with the SM3M ultrasonic daughter card, the SM3M has a recording bandwidth of 2Hz – 192kHz. Sensitivity is -165dB re: 1 V/uPa.

Low Noise Hydrophone Low-Noise Hydrophone Upgrade

Replacing the standard acoustic hydrophone, the low noise hydrophone upgrade is excellent for recording ultra-quiet environments, like remote marine sanctuaries, deep water locations or long-range, off-shore sites. The low noise hydrophone has an even lower noise floor than the acoustic hydrophone over its entire recording bandwidth of 2Hz – 48kHz. Sensitivity is -165dB re: 1 V/uPa.

High-SPL Hydrophone High-SPL Hydrophone
High-SPL Hydrophone Option

Adding a second hydrophone, the High-SPL option is specifically tailored to recording and quantifying high sound pressure levels (SPL) such as those produced by pile drivers and air guns. When combined with the standard hydrophone, you will have an SM3M with an extremely wide dynamic range, allowing recording of very quiet to very loud sounds from 78 dB SPL to 240 dB SPL, and providing a recording bandwidth of 2Hz – 48kHz. Sensitivity is -240dB re: 1 V/uPa.

SM3M Standard Hydrophone Frequency Response and Noise Chart

Sensitivity and noise testing with cabled hydrophone conducted by the National Physical Laboratory, UK.

Chart Chart

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