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SM4 Configurator

The SM4 Configurator software lets you modify recorder settings, create and edit recording schedules as well as estimate battery life and memory capacity for deployments. Available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

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SM4 Video 7 - SM4 Configurator

The Song Meter SM4 Bioacoustics Recorder is fully programmable from the front panel. It's also possible to use the SM4 Configurator software to program settings and schedules from a computer. The configuration file is copied to an SD memory card and one or more SM4 recorders can then be easily programmed. The SM4 Configurator software also provides a security lock option not available from the front panel of the recorder. If you prefer to program your Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder from a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, SM4 Configurator is the tool for the job.

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