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Wildlife Acoustics SMM-U2 Ultrasonic Microphone

SMM-U2 Ultrasonic Microphone

The SMM-U2 microphone's low noise and superior sensitivity results in recording bat calls at greater distances. The enclosure's innovative waterproof design includes a built-in mounting bracket that allows for a wide range of mounting options. The microphone includes a 5 meter cable, and can connect with cables up to 100m in length with no adverse effect on recording quality.

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Wildlife Acoustics SMM-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone

SMM-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone

For legacy projects that require year-to-year microphone performance continuity, the SMM-U1 microphone can be used in place of the more advanced SMM-U2.

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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4BAT GPS Option

Song Meter SM4BAT GPS Option

For researchers who have large geographic areas to cover, the GPS option is a valuable, time-saving tool. When deploying multiple recorders, use a single GPS accessory to set and synchronize the date, time and location settings on/between each of your recorders. For mobile transects, connect the GPS accessory to log recording locations and transect path.

Wildlife Acoustics SM3/SM4 Power Cable

SM3/SM4 Power Cable

The SM3/SM4 Power Cable allows your Song Meters to run on external battery power, or a complete solar panel charging system. Simply plug the cable into the recorder's power connector and connect the other end to the battery system using the included spade or ring terminals. Song Meters will handle external power sources from 4.5 to 17V DC and is protected against accidental reverse voltage.

Wildlife Acoustics Marine-Grade Padlock

Marine-Grade Padlock

This lock will ensure your recorder's cover is secured. The unit features a brass body and cylinder to provide extra resistance to the elements. The marine grade lock is keyed alike, allowing multiple locks to open with the same key.

Wildlife Acoustics Weather Resistant Cable Lock

Weather Resistant Cable Lock

The adjustable locking mechanism holds the 6'/1.8m cable tight in any position for a secure fit. The unit features a weather resistant lock and vinyl coated 5/16"/8mm braided steel cable. Note: Locks are keyed differently.

Wildlife Acoustics SM4/SM4BAT Armor

SM4BAT Armor

Made of indestructible steel and coated in a durable powder epoxy finish, this custom-designed case is the best solution for preventing prying teeth and claws from damaging your SM4BAT. It provides visibility of the unit's LED light and also protects the unit's cable and power connections.

Wildlife Acoustics Ultrasonic Microphone Calibrator

Ultrasonic Microphone Calibrator

Since ultrasound is beyond the range of human hearing, verifying proper system and microphone performance can be a challenge. The Ultrasonic Calibrator is designed to verify the sensitivity of our ultrasonic microphones as well as overall system performance.