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SNational Physical Laboratory

Introducing the Wildlife Acoustics and National Physical Laboratory Song Meter Hydrophone Certification Program


Record above
and below the waterline.

Song Meter SM4 Acoustic

The Song Meter SM4 recorder offers two built-in acoustic microophones, and a port to connect a cabled hydrophone for underwater recording.


Song Meter SM4M Hydrophones

To meet virtually any marine recording need, Song Meter SM4M recorders are available as acoustic and ultrasonic models. We’ve carefully selected variety of hydrophones for specific applications that meet strict performance criteria.

Standard HydrophoneAcoustic Hydrophone

Ideal for recording whale songs, dolphin whistles, and/or ambient noise levels our Acoustic Hydrophone records frequencies from 2Hz to 48kHz, with a sensitivity of -165dB re: 1 V/uPa. The hydrophone also features an integrated LED for instant confirmation of unit operation.

Ultrasonic HydrophoneUltrasonic Hydrophone

Ideal for recording dolphin and porpoise echolocations, our Ultrasonic Hydrophone records frequencies from 2Hz to 192kHz, with a sensitivity of -165dB re: 1 V/uPa. The hydrophone also features an integrated LED for instant confirmation of unit operation.

High-SPL HydrophoneHigh-SPL Hydrophone

This hydrophone was specifically designed with a lower sensitivity of -240dB re: 1 V/uPa in order to record and quantify very high sound pressure level sounds, such as those produced by pile drivers and air guns. This hydrophone can be ordered alone or along with an Acoustic Hydrophone, to allow the simultaneous recording of quieter sounds.

Cabled HydrophoneCabled Hydrophones

All of our hydrophones can be special-ordered with a cable between the SM4M and hydrophone to provide placement flexibility for nearly any marine research project. A variety of lengths are available. Contact Wildlife Acoustics Sales for more information.

SM4M Hydrophone
Frequency Response and Noise Charts

Acoustic Hydrophone Noise


Ultrasonic Hydrophone Noise


Hydrophone Frequency Response Comparison


NOTE: The dip in response at 2 kHz is caused by resonance in the housing and can be avoided with a cabled hydrophone available for special order.

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