Can I use the Echo Meter Touch 2 or 2 Pro for Android with iOS devices?

Echo Meter Touch 2 and 2 Pro modules for Android have either a Micro-USB or USB-C plug, depending on the date of manufacture. Regardless of which plug an EMT for Android module has, it is not compatible with any iOS device, with or without the use of an adapter.

Even though some iPads use the same type of USB-C socket as many Android devices, iOS and Android have different requirements for external accessories that prevent the EMT 2 and EMT 2 Pro for Android from working with iOS devices.

Currently, the only iOS devices that are compatible with an Echo Meter Touch product are those built with a Lightning socket (see our iOS compatibility list). Echo Meter Touch 1, 2, and 2 Pro devices built with a Lightning plug and designated for use with iOS are compatible with these iOS devices.

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