How do I Install Kaleidoscope and other software on MacOS Catalina?

New security features added to MacOS Catalina mean that when you try to open a newly-downloaded Wildlife Acoustics program like Kaleidoscope or a Song Meter Configurator, you may see an error message like this:

To circumvent this, open System Preferences and navigate to the Security & Privacy section. Here, you'll see a note indicating that the software you downloaded was prevented from opening.

Click the padlock icon in the lower left of the screen and enter your administrator password when prompted. Under "Allow apps downloaded from:" check the option, "App Store and identified developers," then click "Open Anyway." You will then see an alert window that's similar to the one you first saw when trying to launch Kaleidoscope. On this window, click Open.

At this point, Kaleidoscope should open.

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