What is expected in reports if I'm awarded a grant?

Quarterly grant reports should include:

  • Contact info of the person who submits the report and the date submitted.

  • A description of the project’s goals and objectives, and if/how each was accomplished.

  • A summary of the project’s main findings, outcomes, and successes (500 or fewer words).

  • A description of the impact your findings may have on conservation, and if/how they influenced existing conservation priorities or policy.

  • Description of your project’s long-term implications and next steps.

  • Any partnerships or collaborations that were created as a result of the project.

  • Meaningful experiences/anecdotes that illustrate your project’s impact/accomplishments.

  • Copies of published reports, journal articles, popular media articles, etc., if applicable.

  • Photographs that depict your project. Please number photographs and include appropriate captions for each which detail basic information about the activity, animal or habitat in the photo, the picture’s significance, any people in the picture, and the photographer’s name (for photo credit).

Information provided in reports may be posted on Wildlife Acoustics' website. If requested in your grant application, Wildlife Acoustics will delay posting project summaries to keep research confidential until official publication.

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