I have a USB-C-equipped phone. What adapter do I need to make it work with a Micro-USB equipped Echo Meter Touch 2 for Android module?

If you need to connect a Micro-USB-equipped EMT module with a USB-C-equipped phone or tablet, you will need an adapter with a Micro-USB socket and a USB-C plug, also referred to as “Micro-USB female, USB-C male.”

At this time, we have found adapters that work from the following brands on the US Amazon store: Arktek, Fanisy, Tronsmart, CnC Tech, Weduda, and UGREEN. This list is subject to change as we learn more. Note that the adapter must be on-the-go (OTG) compatible and the description should specify that. Arktek, for example, makes adapters that are OTG-compatible and some that are not. We will continue to test new adapter stubs and update this list.

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