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Dr. Desley Whisson

Dr. Desley Whisson, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Koala Population Density Study

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Dr. Whisson will be using bioacoustic monitoring to detect the presence of koalas. The project aims to correlate vocalization activity with relative koala population density. Dr. Whisson will be deploying Song Meter SM3 acoustic recorders in Victoria's Otway Ranges to capture male koala vocalization data. The results will be analyzed using Song Scope analysis software.

Mark Danaher of Florida Panther Refuge

Mark Danaher, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge

Florida Bonneted Bat Research

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The refuge has partnered with researchers from the University of Florida Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge to learn more about the natural history of the federally endangered Florida bonneted bat (Eumops floridanus). The team of collaborators will be using the Song Meter SM3BAT detector/recorder, the Echo Meter Touch bat detector/recorder/analyser and Kaleidoscope Pro 3 analysis software to discover more about the location and behavior of what is considered to be one of North America's rarest mammals.