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Dr. Jessica Bryant

Dr. Jessica Bryant, the Zoological Society of London

Detecting the world's rarest ape: improving monitoring efforts for the Hainan gibbon.

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Dr. Bryant and the Zoological Society of London will use Song Meter SM3 recorders in the rugged regions of the Bawangling National Nature Reserve on Hainan Island to monitor the world's rarest ape and one of the world's rarest mammals, the Critically Endangered Hainan gibbon. Song Meters will be used to detect the existing gibbon groups and monitor their movements within the reserve. Song Scope analysis software will be used to analyse the results.

Bryan Bedrosian

Bryan Bedrosian, Teton Raptor Center

Understanding forest raptor dynamics in the southern Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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Mr. Bedrosian will be using Song Meter SM3 acoustic recorders to conduct the first study on the community dynamics of boreal raptors of the southern region of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Song Meters will be deployed throughout the area to collect night call data from different species of owls followed by pre-dawn surveys of goshawks. The results will be analyzed using Song Scope analysis software.