Release Notes

Song Meter SM4 Firmware Release Notes

  • Add an SM3-style advanced schedule mode allowing advanced users to create schedules that depend upon the date or that have complex details within one day. A new setting in the Advanced Settings menu selects either the original, SM4-style daily schedule mode or the new advanced schedule mode. Changing of audio settings from within the advanced schedule is not supported.
  • Add more digits to latitude and longitude settings (5 digits to the right of the decimal point). The precision is now equivalent to about 1.5 meters horizontally. Note: GPS positions are now displayed with the same, finer precision, but they are usually less accurate than that precision would imply.
  • Include additional information about latitude and longitude in recordings' metadata and in the summary file.
  • Use more accurate values for Preamp gain in the Audio menu and in recordings' metadata.
  • Improve labeling of Preamp settings.
  • Improve readability of Quick Start menu items.
  • Correct the list of schedules in the Quick Start menu on SM4BAT ZC.
  • Fix incorrect display of rise and set times in the Date and Time menu.
  • Include internal temperature value in recordings' metadata.
  • Include details of advanced schedule mode operation in recording's metadata.
  • Properly save the date and time when the recording schedule first starts after the previous reboot, for diagnostic use.
  • Prevent latitude and longitude settings from being changed by the user while there's a GPS fix.
  • Fix a problem that sometimes truncated the summary file.
  • Added left and right preamp settings to the Audio menu (SM4 model only) to allow turning off the 24dB preamplifier for calibrating the microphones and recording louder noises.
  • Added a new Advanced menu to the Settings menu and moved the Battery Cutoff setting into that menu.
  • Added left and right microphone sensitivity settings to the Advanced menu (SM4 model only).
  • Improved the recorder&39;s ability to fully utilize an SD card's capacity.
  • Changed the blink rate of the red LED on SM4BAT-FS and SM4BAT-ZC when armed; it now blinks once every 2 seconds. The blink rate of the green LED when triggered or recording is still once every 1 second.
  • GPS status is now displayed only in the Main, Quick Start, Settings, Schedule and Utilities menu, and not shown at all if no GPS receiver is attached.
  • Corrected the model names encoded in recording metadata. Previously SM4BAT models reported "SM4".
  • Fixed a bug that could affect recordings with large Max Length settings.
  • Fixed a scheduler bug related to high latitudes with sunset occurring after midnight.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect recording durations on SM4BAT-ZC.
  • Fixed a bug related to schedule duty cycle settings that would produce exported schedule and settings files that could cause incorrect displays in the sm4config configuration tool.
  • Improves how the scheduler handles solar events at high latitudes or with large offsets
  • Fix setting of right channel gain on SM4 acoustic recorder
  • Fix SM4BAT-FS preventing triggering when using a high sample rate with a large trigger window
  • Added a GPS status line on several screens to show fix status of available GPS accessory
  • Improves Time Expansion mode in SM4BAT-FS to allow changing the headphone volume during playback
  • Fix instant record when delay start is enabled
  • Initial release

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