Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my SM4 say "Fatal Clock Error"?

As the batteries in an SM4 series recorder die, the hardware can start acting incorrectly. One symptom of this is seeing the message "Fatal Clock Error" when you try to turn the recorder on. This can commonly be resolved by one of two methods:

  • Turn the SM4 off and replace the batteries with brand new alkaline cells (Energizer brand recommended). Wait at least 30 seconds, then turn the SM4 back on. Repeat the cycle of turning the recorder off and on 5 more times if necessary, letting the unit remain off for 30 seconds each time.
  • Load a new SM4 firmware file onto an empty SD card and insert it into slot A of the SM4. Make sure the SM4 has brand new alkaline batteries installed. Then, while holding the UP arrow, turn the SM4 on. This will reinstall the recorder's firmware and restore it to working order.

If neither of these methods resolves the issue, please contact Wildlife Acoustics support.

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