Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot activate Kaleidoscope Pro on my computer.

In most cases being unable to activate Kaleidoscope means there are two installations of Kaleidoscope already activated under your License ID. Some common causes for this are:

  • You are switching from an old computer to a new one, and your License ID is still associated with your old computer.
  • You have performed maintenance or an update on your computer that has changed your computer's host ID, and your License ID is still associated with your computer's old host ID.
  • Someone else is using your License ID on a second computer. Please note that this is against our license policy.

If you would like to change which of your Kaleidoscope installations are active, please email Wildlife Acoustics support and include your License ID. If you would like to keep one of your current activations, please also include the Installation ID from that computer. The Installation ID can be found on the License Configuration window in Kaleidoscope.

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