Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the species counts produced by Kaleidoscope Pro not match the number of zero-crossing files I get?

This usually occurs with .wav-format input files and when Kaleidoscope is not set to split files to a max duration.

When this is the case, Kaleidoscope considers each input file to be a pass of a single bat, so each input file with an Auto ID'd species counts for one species label in Kaleidoscope's result window and summary CSV file. However, zero crossing files have a built-in length limit of about 15 seconds, so while a single input .wav file that lasted 25 seconds would have been counted by Kaleidoscope as a single instance of MYSE, for example, it would have had to create a 15-second ZC file and a 10-second ZC file, both labeled as MYSE.

If you tell Kaleidoscope to split files to a max duration of 10-15 seconds, it will split those files prior to performing Auto ID and ZC conversion, so each segment of a longer file will be counted individually, and Kaleidoscope's counts will match the ones you might get from a third-party program that counts the number of ZC files in your output directory.

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