Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my battery life when using the Echo Meter module?

The Echo Meter Touch module requires a lightning data connection with an iOS device in order to work, and, unfortunately, many battery cases do not allow for external data connections when they are attached to an iOS device. If you need some extra battery life while using your Echo Meter Touch module, you can use a battery case provided it has lightning data pass-through.

Currently, the only battery case that Apple officially supports is their own iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case.

Aside from increasing your iOS device's battery capacity, there are several ways to reduce the amount of power it uses:

  • Before using the Echo Meter app, close all other apps that are running in the background by double-pressing the home button and swiping each app panel upwards.
  • Lower the device's screen brightness by pulling up the iOS control center from the bottom of the screen and adjusting the brightness slider.
  • Once you start recording, press the sleep/wake button to turn off the iOS device's screen while continuing to record.
  • Rather than using the device's built-in GPS receiver, if it has one, use an external GPS module paired via bluetooth.

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