Bioacoustics 101

The Science of Sound

The way animals use sound to interact with each other and their environment can tel you a lot about the health of an ecosystem and the species that reside there. All you have to do is listen. Sign up for our webinar!

Sign up for the webinar!

What you will learn

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Approximate times according to US EST (GMT-4)
10:00am Webinar intro
10:15am What is bioacoustics?
11:00am Using sound in research
12:00pm Lunch break
1:30pm Afternoon breakout session
2:300pm Closing remarks
Having these virtual trainings is extremely valuable for researches. Interactions with WA experts offers a wealth of informatino and has made me more confident as an end user of the systems WA provides.
— John Doe
Everything was very well laid out and easy to access. Great tutorial!
— John Doe
I have attended two sessions so far and they have been good. The instructors did a great job of addressing participant questions as well as troubleshooting.
— John Doe

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