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The Song Meter Mini and Song Meter Mini Bat –Shipping in March 2020

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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini and Song Meter Mini Bat
Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4
Song Meter SM4
Acoustic Recorder

Compact, weatherproof, dual-channel recorder capable of long-term acoustic monitoring of birds, frogs, insects, and aquatic life.

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Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM4BAT
Song Meter SM4BAT Ultrasonic Recorder

Compact, weatherproof, single-channel recorder capable of long-term ultrasonic monitoring of bats.

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Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO
Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO Handheld Bat Detector

Turn your phone or tablet into a state-of-the-art bat research tool.

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Wildlife Acoustics Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software
Kaleidoscope Pro 5 Analysis Software

Analyze terabytes of acoustic or ultrasonic recordings quickly and easily.

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Wildlife Acoustics Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study:

Stantec Using Acoustic Monitoring To Protect Bats.

Wind power, the transformation of energy from moving air into electrical power, is a major step forward in reducing the effects of carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels. Although the long-term benefits of harnessing wind power are great, there are some environmental costs that are inevitable including bat fatality.

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Wildlife Acoustics Grant Recipient Field Story

Grant Recipient Field Story:

Large Scale Urban Bat Ecology Study

Using Song Meter SM4BAT recorders and Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis software, citizen scientists and staff from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles recorded and identified twelve species of bats at nearly 200 sites in L.A. county.

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Wildlife Acoustics Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study:

Climate Change Canada: Landbird Monitoring Along Winter Roads.

Song Meter recorders are used to increase the geographic coverage of song bird monitoring programs in one of the most challenging environments on the planet.

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Wildlife Acoustics Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study:

The Effects of Suburbanization on Biodiversity.

Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorders and Kaleidoscope Pro software used in a multi-year project to monitor entire seasons of frog chorusing behavior at suburban and forested ponds. Songscapes will be created to compare visual representations of ambient sounds, analyzing chorus-wide interruptions and changes in chorus frequencies as adaptions to noisy suburban habitats.

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Wildlife Acoustics Scientific Product Grant

We’re donating $5,000 every quarter. Apply Today!

With the mission to advance the conservation of animals through bioacoustics recording technology, every quarter we award up to $5,000 of product-in-kind grants. To date, the program has awarded more than 40 biologists, researchers, educators, citizen scientists and students nearly $90,000 in in-kind hardware and software donations.

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