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Global warming may mean multitasking for whales

Global warming may mean multitasking for whales

The world isn’t just getting busier for humans. With global warming changing the ocean’s temperature, whales are constantly finding ways to deal with a rapidly changing environment. That means a bit of improvising on their part - you could even say it's multitasking.

Traditionally, whales sing mating songs at their warm water breeding grounds, but researchers studying 10 humpback whales have heard them already singing breeding songs in their late season feeding grounds. In a couple of cases, they even heard hour-long mating songs sung while the whales were diving for food.

In the past, it was assumed this type of song was only sung when they arrived at their breeding grounds, but because of the thinner ice in the Western Antarctic Peninsula, it’s thought that the whales are sticking around longer to feed on krill. Findings such as this are suggesting the feed-or-breed model is inaccurate description of whale behavior. More research is needed to find out just how common this type of multitasking is becoming among other whale species. Maybe we’ll even have some of our own hydrophones out there on the task.

In the Field: Song Meters allow researchers to better sample bird species in the tropics

In the Field: Song Meters allow researchers to better sample bird species in the tropics

We are always pleased to hear that our products are making life easier for scientists. That’s what one group from Charles University in Prague found when they published a study comparing conventional bird sampling using our  Song Scape feature from our Song Scope feature. The research noted that the autonomous capability of the Song Meters was highly useful in studying birds in remote areas of the tropics.

Traditionally, there are many limitations to doing such a study in the conventional way. First, there are few experts who are available in the area. Second, samples must be taken throughout the year to get the whole picture. Finally, extra care must be taken to avoid confusing or missing species in the field sampling because the area's species-rich environment.

In the end, the researchers found the Song Meters and Song Scope software an easy to-use and very efficient solution for sampling of several bird species. For more information, take a look at the poster.

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