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Dive into possibilities: The new SM3 aquatic models

Dive into possibilities: The new SM3 aquatic models

The SM3 aquatic is a device that's tougher than any we’ve ever made. The all new Song Meter features a rugged, die-cast aluminum body and an unprecedented 3 year warrantee. It’s a machine you can count on in the most extreme of environments.

But no two customers have the same demands out in the field, and that’s why it’s also our most flexible product line. Just about any feature can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • There's an ultrasonic and acoustic model
  • They're the only recorders of their kind to simultaneously monitor above and below the water line
  • Record any combination of marine, terrestrial, and avian life
  • Monitor all kinds of aquatic life, from 20Hz to 48kHz
  • Perform acoustic recording and noise logging simultaneously
  • Use out of the box recording programs, or customize your own.
  • Save time by choosing from a menu of standard options, such as daytime, nighttime, or continuous.
  • Or, create your own custom schedule with our easy-to-use configurator software.

Multiple Hardware Options

Outfit the SM3 to your needs. You can choose to record with the standard acoustic hydrophone, or you can opt to upgrade to an ultrasonic hydrophone. See our accessories page for more details.

Massive Storage Capabilities

The SM3 Aquatic models accept 4 SDHC or SDXC cards, and it can store in excess of a terabyte of audio data.

GPS Integration

Using the Song Meter SM3 Time-Sync Option , you can log location information and synchronize multiple SM3 devices to within one millisecond. GPS also enables you to triangulate a sounds source using an array of SM3 and/or SM3BAT devices. If you have any further questions regarding how to set up an SM3 product for your unique research needs, don't hesitate to contact our great support team! They will be happy to walk you through the process.

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