How Can I Transfer an Unused Credit from One Account to Another?

Hosts can transfer an unused subscription credit from their account to another account. This is a complete transfer of ownership of the subscription license credit. The original Host no longer has control over a transferred license after the credit has been transferred. Transferring a credit is not the same as providing Guest access. Information about granting Guest access to a license can be found at this FAQ.

Note: If you are transferring an unused credit to someone who is a Guest under your account, you must remove them from your Guest list before initiating the transfer. If the Guest is not removed prior to activating the software, Kaleidoscope Pro may display an activation failure error about not having credits available.

To transfer an unused Subscription Credit from your account to another account, first log into your Wildlife Acoustics web account and navigate to Subscriptions. Here, you will see the number of Available Subscription Credits currently in your account, as shown below.

If you scroll down further, you will see TRANSFER UNUSED CREDITS FROM THIS ACCOUNT. Type the quantity of credits in the first box that you want to transfer. Type in the email address of the Wildlife Acoustics Account holder in which you would like to transfer the credit(s) to in the TRANSFER TO ANOTHER USER EMAIL ADDRESS. Please see an example screenshot below.

Once this has been completed, the recipient can follow the instructions under How Do I Activate a Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription License?

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