Why does Kaleidoscope Pro Crash or Stop with an Error Message When Doing a Batch Process?

The most common cause of a crash or error message when doing a batch process is not enough RAM in the computer, or slow access to the input and/or output directories. Input and output directories must always be assigned to a local, fast hard drive. If there is not enough RAM installed in the computer, go to the upper right corner of the Kaleidoscope Pro Control Panel and click on the menu to lower the number of Compute Resources. A lower number of Compute Resources will ease the load on the computer’s RAM, but will also result in slower processing. If Compute Resources are set to the lowest value (1/X) and there is still a crash or error message, there may be a problem with a specific file or some other cause. If crashing continues, please contact Wildlife Acoustics Technical Support for further assistance.

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